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Wasian Fanatic
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Epiphazee! Empty
PostSubject: Epiphazee!   Epiphazee! Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 2:19 am

I've provided you with a song to listen to while you read about my Epiphany:

Enjoy as this racist stereotypical black man bobs his head!

So it's about 2:26 am here right now, and I just realized something. We're teenagers!
As such we like flashy lights and other epicly, epic things of that nature, such as pictures, cockfighting Japanese monsters, and of course, bad music we think is amazing!

So I will be bringing you all of that and more, if slightly toned down from our last iteration. A lot
of people were also getting tired of The Zee-Man Chronicles, or at least, their way of being told.
Lo' and behold, I have started making a flash movie based off of that most epic franchise. (Last
approximation of worth labeled it at just over 3 cents.)

Everyone who was in it previously will be in it at some point, though it will mainly follow my exploits, while your characters are going to make guest appearances, and be in the final episodes. Yes there will be audio, though not for speech, that will be done in text. The audio will be SFX and music.

Another thing I'm bringing back is the "Wasian Store". Except now it will have things you might actually want! No spoilers on that one yet. For the uninitiated, a big part of our community here is the sharing of our creative works.

I'd like to take that to the next level. Anytime someone posts something they created in the User Contributions I want you to rate it. Soon I will implement an HTML rating system, but for now just comment on it and give it anywhere from 1 * to 5 ******.

Users with top contributions at the end of each week will recieve a special prize.

FInally, the Z.A.S.G. forum is almost ready for release, so anyone who does log on here take note of that. It's going to be pretty kickass.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, or thanks for staring at the black guy for far to long.

Either way this is your local super hero Zee-Man, signing off.

Night folks.

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